Responsible for planning, financing, organizing and promoting public transit in Greater Montréal, the ARTM is inviting citizens, users and mobility partners to take part in a major project related to its mission: the Strategic Development Plan for Public Transit (SDP)

Here are some ways you can learn about the project and contribute to the discussion:

  • Participate in information meetings.
  • Submit a brief and present it at the briefing sessions.
  • Take part in the digital consultation.
  • Share your comments and suggestions in the suggestion box.

Note that the website is available in French only. However, one can still take part in the ongoing consultation by referring to the following English document:

The following questions may also help you reflect on these topics:

  • In your opinion, will the SDP project help increase the modal share of public transit in the Montréal metropolitan region in the coming decades?
  • Do the strategies and actions set out in the SDP project address what you feel are the biggest public transit issues in the Montréal metropolitan region?
  • Should other strategies or actions be considered on a priority basis?
  • Are there areas of the metropolitan region that would merit specific action and if so, which ones?
  • How should public transit funding be split between the current funding sources (users, provincial and federal governments, municipalities, motorists)?
  • Should we turn to new funding sources (companies, developers) or new mechanisms (green taxation, other types of royalties, taxes or fares)? How should these mechanisms be implemented, and according to what criteria and principles?

Register for the consultation platform

The consultation is open to everyone. You need to register and connect to participate. Click on Connexion at the top right-hand corner of the site to fill out the registration form. 

Provide your name or pseudonym, e-mail address and password. Accept the La charte et la politique de confidentialité and prove that you are not a robot with reCAPTCHA.

You will then be sent an automatic e-mail: simply click on the verification link in the e-mail to complete your registration.

If you do not validate your account, your input will not be published on the platform. It will only be published on the platform once your account has been validated, and on the condition that the participative project is still open.

Once registered, you can connect to your account and participate whenever and from whatever device you choose. Click on the button Connexion at the top right-hand corner of the site. Simply type in the e-mail address and password you used to register to get started.